Antares Fossils & Minerals

This is just a sample of the types of minerals we may have available at the shop, please contact us to inquire about availability or if there is something specific you are looking for that is not mentioned here.

Amethyst Geode from Brazil
Amethyst Geode
Less Common
Okeniteon Amethyst India
Okeniteon Amethyst
from India - Less Common
Stibnite from Romania
from Romainia - Less common
Lavender Quarts Amethyst from Bolivia Mesolite from India
Lavender Quarts Amethyst
from Bolivia - Less Common
from India - Less Common
Tumbled Brazillin Agates
Picture Jasper from Oregon
Tumbled Brazilian Agates
 Very Common
Picture Jasper
from Oregon - Very Common
BrazilianEye Agate Red Calsite Mexico
Brazilian Eye Agate
 Less common
Red Calsite
From Mexico - Very Common
Spheres from China Honey Calsite & Florite & opaque calsite
Spheres - Honey Calcite & Fluorite & opaque calcite
from China
Golden Calsite Mexico
Golden Calsite
from Mexico - Very Common
Smokey Quartz with Dolimite & Marcasite
Smokey Quartz with Dolomite & Marcasite
Less Common
Volcanic Riolite also good for small plants
Volcanic Ryolite from Thomas range Nevada
Volcanic Ryolite (makes a good natural pot for small plants!)
from Thomas Range Nevada - very common
Obsidian golden sheen Mexico
Obsidian (golden sheen)
From Mexico -Very Common
Blue Calcite
from Mexico - Very Common